Built for brands

The Tradeswell platform makes it easy for any brand to visualize one complete picture of their ecommerce business, while leveraging machine learning to provide real-time insights and optimizations.


Connect Data Sources

Breakdown silos and equip your business with a tool for interconnected commerce.


Reveal Insights

AI actively monitors and analyzes retail, marketing, and logistics data to surface insights and actions that fuel growth.


Optimize for Profitable Growth

Machine learning models make 1000s of daily adjustments across the ecommerce value chain to drive financial results.


Empower Your Team with Dynamic Forecasting

Real-time changes make ecommerce planning tough. Our predictive models allow your team to plan across retail, marketing, logistics, and finance functions.


Supercharge Your Business

Create economic power with an AI built from first principles for ecommerce brands.


Embedded with features
that provide superior value

Intelligent Data Warehousing

Data from heterogeneous sources are automatically collected, normalized, and optimized for ecommerce insights.


High Frequency Trading

Algorithmic tools make real-time adjustments to keep you ahead of the competition and changing market conditions.

Ecommerce is booming. It's time to make your profits boom too. Learn how Tradeswell can transform your business today.

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