Data + actionable insights drive your just-in-time decisions 

Timing matters. Tradeswell brings sales, advertising, and inventory data together to unify your business, remove your silos, and surface the “so what?”.

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Retail Media Marketing Channel Data Chaos Before Tradeswell

Integrate and normalize 

Integrate data sources in minutes through Tradeswell direct integrations or bring your own data with our BYOD portal and assistance from our solution architecture team.

The Tradeswell product graph automatically begins normalizing and mapping data across each integrated dataset into a centralized database.

Plan and Predict Retail Marketing spend Tradeswell

Plan and predict 

Machine learning models uncover the hidden relationship between internal and external factors influencing business growth and forecast demand based on historical data to provide a sales baseline.

Investment scenario simulations are run to model the ways to achieve your growth objectives and uncover the optimal path to get there.

Act and optimize retail media spend with Tradeswell

Act and optimize 

The platform provides clear, concise, and actionable recommendations daily and suggests budget shifts from poor performing to top-performing campaigns to achieve incremental growth without incremental investment.

Planning tools suggests channel-level reallocation to optimize at the company level.

How we unlock incrementality

Data should work for you. Tradeswell automates the work of data collection, analysis, and applied machine learning to provide clear and easy-to-action recommendations so your team can focus on higher-value actions.

How Tradeswell Workds

The Tradeswell Difference


A neutral partner

We don’t manage advertising campaigns or take our fees from your media spend. Instead, we provide neutral 3rd-party data cleansing, classification, and reporting. This allows us to suggest the opportunities that are best for your brand without a conflict of interest.

Data Ownership

Your data on-demand

All of your data is easily exported from our report builder. The same fully-normalized data underpinning our models is also available via API and data feeds so you can directly ingest them into your data lake or BI tools. 


Built on trust

We’ve banished black boxes, providing complete model diagnostics, accuracy, and confidence measures. The platform automatically flags confidence ranges in predictions allowing you to fine-tune your own decision thresholds. 

Ready to make your data work for you? 

Join hundreds of brands — from startups to Fortune 500s, agencies, accelerators, and aggregators – and empower your team to make better, faster decisions with Tradeswell.