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Unify all of your data. 

Break down silos and take back control of your data with a single source of truth for your SKU, marketing, retail, and logistics data.

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Get an edge with AI.

Never second-guess a decision or optimization. Our machine learning turns retail, marketing, and logistics data into actionable insights that shows you strategic actions to take in real-time.


Confident growth (and profits.)

In-depth visibility and reporting means you can tie every decision to a dollar. Always feel confident when presenting to your team, leadership, the board, or your investors. 


Anticipate future trends.

Peer into your own personal ecommerce crystal ball. See buying trends and get access to forecasting models that keep you moving faster than than the market.


Make your data work for you. 

Join 500+ brands — from startups and Fortune 500s to agencies, and aggregators – and power your omnichannel strategy in real time with Tradeswell.



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