How Tradeswell Works

In the new era of decision-driven commerce, you need a data infrastructure and cross-channel media attribution that reveals your true return on investment, not just channel reported.

Learn how our solution can help your team become better, faster decision-makers.


Connect your data

Our no-code integrations and data services team can help you integrate every data source at your disposal. 

Within 1-2 days, you'll have a single source of truth for all of your SKU, marketing, retail, and logistics data. 

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We analyze, model, and measure lift and incrementality

Our proprietary commerce AI collects, cleans, and normalizes your disparate data 24/7/365, laying the foundation for measurement and optimization.

Over time, this machine learning gets stronger, refining your lift and incrementality measurement and offering up unique insights that help drive down costs and boost profitability.



Analyze results and review recommendations with our Solutions Team

Unlike other attribution platforms, Tradeswell connects data from across your business and surfaces actionable insights across over 10 modules for every department to collaborate and take action.

Our Solutions Team is on-hand to walk-through recommendations during each phase.



Take action and course correct with live data

Leverage Tradeswell’s Ad Automation tool suite to automate bid and budget adjustments and receive granular product, group, and campaign-level recommendations to test.

Using Tableau, PowerBI, Sisense, Looker, or some other tool for more analysis? Your data can flow uninterrupted to your preferred reporting/visualization tools.


Ready to make your data work for you? 

Join hundreds of brands — from startups to Fortune 500s, agencies, accelerators, and aggregators – and empower your team to make better, faster decisions with Tradeswell.