More channels.
More data.
More SKU's.
More need for clarity.

For ecommerce brands selling across multiple digital channels, Tradeswell cuts through the fog of ecommerce complexity, simplifies things and illuminates the path to profit.

Join the 500+ brands that already trust Tradeswell:

Harness the power of the operating system for real-time commerce

Single Source of Truth

Say goodbye to spreadsheet gymnastics and missing data sources. Tradeswell collects data from all of your digital sales and advertising channels — from DTC platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce to marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart and ad channels such as Facebook and Google — to provide you with easily digestible insights and dashboards that will help your entire team get aligned and make better decisions, faster.


AI-Powered Insights

Eliminate the need for manual calculations on bundle optimization, ad spend, inventory availability, profit margins, and more. Tradeswell's advanced machine learning surfaces actionable insights on key marketing, merchandising, financial and operational trends, empowering your team to quickly take action, and freeing up time for strategic thinking and innovation.

Category and SKU-Level P&L Visibility

Stop comparing apples to oranges. Tradeswell is the only ecommerce platform that takes in data from all of your digital sales channels, normalizes it at the SKU level, and pairs that with your cost of goods sold to provide insights into both category and product-level P&L performance, allowing you to make merchandising and promotional decisions that drive both growth AND profit.


How it works

For modern ecommerce brands, understanding performance across sales and marketing channels is complex and time consuming. Tradeswell provides a single system of intelligence that uses AI to connect the dots between retail, marketing, inventory and finance. Unlike traditional analytics tools, Tradeswell doesn't just present data — it offers actionable insights to help your entire organization save time, get aligned and make faster, smarter advertising and merchandising decisions within the context of larger business metrics. Think of it as your "mission control" for thriving in the real time commerce economy.


Proven results

Average net-margin growth
Over 90% forecast accuracy
Already trusted by over 500 brands

Brands succeed with Tradeswell

"This unique, comprehensive, algorithmic approach has helped us grow sales, identify commercialization opportunities and forecast far more accurately. Tradeswell brings scientific rigor to ecommerce optimization."
Steve Tracy
SVP, Sales and Marketing, San Francisco Salt Co
"Thanks to Tradeswell, we've seen top- and bottom-line sales growth for our brand. The platform's real-time analytics deliver valuable insights from a 30K foot view right down to a granular, sellable unit view."
Brian Larsen
Founder and CEO, RestoraPet
"Tradeswell gives us the visibility and control we need to reconcile financials, view profit in real-time, and enable just-in-time inventory."
Tara Morrill
General Manager, Rare Beauty Brands
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