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Intelligent Data Warehousing

Aggregate and normalize business critical information in the most advanced, high availability data warehouse for ecommerce. With easy to understand intelligence, teams save countless hours, create in-house experts, and free up time for strategic thinking.


High-Frequency Trading

Our trading system uses automated levers such as net margin to optimize product, price, and promotion in real-time across the entire ecommerce value chain. The platform also enables users to execute human-assisted actions and adjustments at the click of a button.

Quantitative Shopper Insights

A deep understanding of customers is required for sustained success and confident decision making. Tradeswell's algorithmic platform uses continual learning to analyze historic shopper trends and predict future behavior, payback periods, and customer lifetime value.


How it works

Tradeswell simply and easily integrates data from across the ecommerce stack. It generates AI based insights, and automates actionable trading decisions that manage and optimize ecommerce growth. It then reveals a full picture of ecommerce operations to make teams smarter and informs their strategic planning.


Proven results

Average net-margin growth
Over 90% forecast accuracy
Already trusted by over 150 brands

Brands succeed with Tradeswell

"This unique, comprehensive, algorithmic approach has helped us grow sales, identify commercialization opportunities and forecast far more accurately. Tradeswell brings scientific rigor to ecommerce optimization."
Steve Tracy
SVP, Sales and Marketing, San Francisco Salt Co
"Thanks to Tradeswell, we've seen top- and bottom-line sales growth for our brand. The platform's real-time analytics deliver valuable insights from a 30K foot view right down to a granular, sellable unit view."
Brian Larsen
Founder and CEO, RestoraPet
"Tradeswell gives us the visibility and control we need to reconcile financials, view profit in real-time, and enable just-in-time inventory."
Tara Morrill
General Manager, Rare Beauty Brands
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