Meet Tradeswell

Tradeswell is the data infrastructure for real-time commerce. We’re on a mission to empower growth by making ecommerce actions more informed, more coordinated, faster, and more profitable — for everyone.

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Our values

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Elegant solutions

Our focus provides clarity – to our teams, our clients, and our partners. Applying empathy to our insights provides sophistication and candor to the intelligence we surface, growing our business and those we work with.

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Trust the math

We believe that deep statistical analysis and machine learning can improve the performance of just about anything. We come to work every day to predict what will happen tomorrow using AI. We create platforms and systems that manage and deliver sophisticated models to enable algorithmic ecommerce success.

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We do the right thing. Even when no one’s watching. We go the extra mile rather than cut corners. We do what’s right, even when it’s easier not to.

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Black boxes be GONE

We’re all about giving our customers the right information to make the best choices. We are democratizing intelligence. We don’t hide anything from them. Instead, we’re radically transparent.

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Unapologetically bold

We’re the best at what we do. And we’re not shy to tell other people about it. Because we have confidence in the ability of our team and our technology, we’ll jump at opportunities with passion.

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The power of together

We are a team, and we team with others in the ecosystem to build a better model for real-time commerce. We deliver our employees, partners, and customers a valuable career growth experience, and are champions of the discipline of ecommerce trading.


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Join Our Team

We hire intellectually curious individuals with diverse experiences. Innovation is critical for the success of Tradeswell, and it is our people that fuel our innovation.

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