The top challenges faced by SMBs + Fortune 500s

300+ ecommerce leaders from varying business sizes share their biggest challenges and opportunities in 2022 and beyond. 


Get (and stay) ahead of the ecommerce challenges you're set to face.

As companies of different sizes enter and navigate the ecommerce space, they encounter different challenges.

We talked to 300+ brands to learn more about the varying ecommerce challenges that come with growth.

Use these insights to get ahead in the market and prepare for challenges that threaten profitability before you encounter them. 

What's inside:

  • The top 4 challenges small ($3m-$20m), mid-sized ($20m-$100m), and large ($100m+) companies each face. 

  • How to best position your company for the next stage of growth. 

  • Why mid-sized companies are in the sweet spot for massive ecommerce success - and how you can get there too.