Tradeswell + Roundel Empowers Brands To Reach More Customers

Tradeswell is excited to offer its clients the ability to reach more customers and maximize digital sales with sponsored ads on Through Tradeswell + Roundel, Target’s media company, brands utilizing the Tradeswell platform can now connect and engage the Target guest with non-disruptive, native ads that are proven to be highly effective.

Sponsored ads continue to grow in popularity as they enable customers – many of which are new to ecommerce – to discover new products seamlessly right in their shopping feed. Target receives over 30 million weekly in-store shoppers and even more shop, browse or plan their next Target trip on The website had over 10 million new digital guests in 2020, and 40% of visitors to used the search functionality, clearly demonstrating their shopper intent. 

Brands can use Target Product Ads to connect customers to offers and products that are relevant to them based on their shopping intent, with placements across:

  • Product Detail Pages
  • Category/Browse Pages
  • Search Pages
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Product Listing Pages
  • Product Recommendations
  • Aisle Pages
  • Frequently Bought Together

Studies have shown that Target guests are twice as likely to convert when they interact with search, which is a driving force behind the influx of ad spend going to this area. Paid search has been, and continues to be, the fastest growing advertising channel in retail. 

However, with Cost Per Click (CPC) rates rising and Clickthrough Rates (CTR) falling, brand marketers are facing additional pressure to better optimize their search campaigns – and not just by Return on Ad Spend as the primary metric, but by profitability. With the Roundel integration, marketing data is surfaced in the Tradeswell dashboard, so brands can make strategic decisions about their ad spend with data from different business units (e.g., finance, operations) to optimize for profitability.

Additionally, while Amazon was previously the only option for many brands to reach consumers at scale, the growth of retail media companies like Roundel offers promising alternatives to performance advertising only on one platform. 

This offering through Roundel will reduce the risk for brands of relying too much on one channel, and allow them additional scale across the Target marketplace. More and more brands are finding that diversification of their ecommerce portfolio is the best way to plan for long-term profitable growth, as they can capture new customers and open up new opportunities for high-converting campaigns. 

This additional benefit is just one part of Tradeswell’s agnostic platform that enables brands to expand their presence beyond a single marketplace or DTC to reach all customers, wherever and whenever they shop online. With algorithms optimizing toward real business outcomes down to the SKU level, not short-term KPIs, Tradeswell sets up brands for economic success, no matter which growth stage they are in.

Ready to reach the millions of Target shoppers who are in-market and ready to purchase your product? See how the Roundel integration with Tradeswell’s AI-driven ecommerce platform could benefit your brand by booking a demo with us today.

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