NEW RESEARCH: Consumers are Returning to Pre-Pandemic Shopping Habits

Last year challenged every ecommerce and marketing leader in one way or another, and 2022 is shaping out to be the same.

Brands continue to deal with supply chain issues, rising acquisition costs, and overall increased competition. At the same time, consumer behaviors continue to evolve at a rapid pace with some pre-pandemic shopping habits making a swift comeback.

To help brands meet customer expectations and make better business decisions for an unpredictable future, we analyzed data from 500+ ecommerce brands selling across direct-to-consumer (DTC), marketplace, and retail channels.

Here’s a preview of our analysis:

  • Shoppers are ditching their pandemic-born hobbies and returning to their pre-pandemic lifestyles.
  • Average selling prices are up, particularly for the Apparel category which faced a significant supply chain squeeze.
  • The Beauty & Personal Care category saw the most significant dollar sales increase year over year (YoY) and quarter over quarter (QoQ) as people re-entered the world maskless.
  • When looking at average channel prices across DTC and Amazon, DTC pricing trends follow Amazon Seller Central Trends.
  • Tradeswell’s Marketplace Multiplier metric reveals how many more products you need to sell on a marketplace channel to reach the same margins that DTC channels afford.

Download the full InFORM Report: Q1 2022 for valuable data around consumer behaviors, sales trends, and pricing averages, as well as next steps for how to use this data to optimize your ecommerce strategy. We’ll be releasing new data every quarter — so keep an eye out for an updated version in a few months.

Download the InFORM Report: Q1 2022


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