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We help organizations across a diverse set of verticals understand their marketing contributions, refine their campaigns, and find the next incremental sale.

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Find incremental growth for your brand with AI-driven optimization of your retail media.

What you unlock:

  • Connect your marketing investments to incremental sales across your digital storefronts
  • Scenario planning and media plan-based forecast to help you budget to hit your sales goals
  • Granular channel and campaign-level optimization recommendations to the improve ROI
  • Customizable previsioning enables you to aggregate and disaggregate sales and marketing reporting across multiple brands in your portfolio
  • Automated Daily emails with your brand's sales and marketing performance across channels keep you a step ahead

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Maximize the impact of retail media budgets with AI-driven optimization and transparent ROI reporting.

What you unlock:

  • Budget tools to guide budget-setting based on sales goals, budget constraints, or ROI objectives
  • Transparent 3rd party measurement gives brands confidence in the impact of the marketing investments
  • Get credit for cross-channel exposures not measured through direct attribution and reporting in “ad-attributed” sales
  • Weekly optimization enables tweaking campaigns in flight
  • API data feeds enable fully normalized data to be ingested into your internal data lakes and BI tools
  • Automated daily emails customized to each account team to keep them informed

3 aggregators_pink Aggregators and Accelerators

Streamline reporting and find incremental sales for your member brands.

What you unlock:

  • Enterprise Data Hub automates the collection and normalization of marketing and sales reporting across connected channels into a single portfolio view of performance
  • Customizable portfolio reporting enables you to aggregate and disaggregate sales and marketing reporting across multiple brands and provision each brand with their own access
  • AI-driven recommendations help you drive incremental sales and maximize the ROI of retail media budgets
  • Automated daily sales and marketing performance emails to keep your account teams and clients up to date
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Across all retail and CPG verticals

The retail landscape has changed dramatically with more channels and retail media networks for you to reach customers than ever before.

But which marketing channels are working? Where do you allocate and optimize your marketing budget to reach the right consumers and drive business value?

Learn how we make it easy.

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