Set, Track, and Manage Your Company’s Goals with Tradeswell

It’s hard to know which actions to take next without a clear view of your company’s objectives and your progress against them.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Goal Management.

Goal Management allows you to set, manage, and measure your progress against quarterly and annual goals—ensuring you’re on track to exceed them. You’ll be able to increase the visibility of organizational goals and put goal progress in the context of Tradeswell insights and analytical data.

Goal access requires at least two roles: a module-specific role and a goal role. Each goal focuses on a metric, and viewing or editing that goal requires role permissions for the relevant module.  “Goal Manager” provides access to the goal management page to create or edit, and “Goal Viewer” provides access to view goal cards and visualizations throughout the modules.

How to Add a Goal in the Tradeswell Platform

1. Access the Goal Management page by clicking on the ribbon icon in the top right corner of your Tradeswell dashboard.

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2. On the Goal Management page, you’ll see call-outs directing you to create, edit, and manage goals. If you don’t see these call-outs, click on Manage Goals then Add Goal. When adding a goal, first choose your metric: Sales Dollars and Sales Units.


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3. Set your goal scope by choosing company or channel level. For example, you could set a company goal of $10M in overall sales for the year. Then, you could create channel scoped goals that split that number into $7M for one channel and $3M for another channel (i.e., Amazon vs. Walmart).

Add a Goal in Tradeswell

4. Choose your time horizon: yearly or quarterly. For yearly goals, we recommend creating quarterly milestones to better track your progress and account for seasonality in purchasing cycles.

For example, say you have a 2022 sales target of $1M, but you anticipate selling at a higher rate during a Cyber Week sale. It may make sense to have your Q4 milestone be $350K or $400K versus evenly pacing each quarter at $250K.

Add a Goal in Tradeswell

5. All of your saved Goals will be on the Goal Management page. You can easily see the overall goal value, actual progress, and progress percentage. You can also break down the progress by daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Remember, you can only see goals tied to the modules you have access to in the platform.

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6. Rank your goals so it’s easier to identify which goals are most important. The goal rank is used to determine the order of goals displayed in tables and visualizations and which goals are presented as the goal card in each module.

Track Your Goal Progress

After you create your goal, your Tradeswell dashboard home page will include an analysis of your performance against the goal to date. This allows you to keep your company goals top of mind and pivot strategies if you’re falling off pace.

Goal Performance in Tradeswell Dashboard

As always, the innovation doesn’t stop here. Our upcoming Retail Channels page - now in beta for Tradeswell customers - will feature a goal visualization, and you’ll begin to see goals surfaced more throughout the platform. 

Look out for future iterations that support additional metrics and more granular goal-setting like product, campaign, and category objectives. Also, the insights we generate for you will become even more personalized—surfacing relevant info based on the goals you create.

Log into your Tradeswell account and create your first goal.

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