Shopify-First Sellers Onboard in a Snap with Tradeswell’s New App

1.75 million sellers. 

The third largest ecommerce platform. 

The home of Tradeswell’s new public app. 

The Shopify platform has helped to launch some of today’s most successful DTC brands. 

Not only is Shopify a robust channel for sellers, but it offers a highly customizable experience with apps for checkout, shipping, bookkeeping, and more.

We might be just a little biased, but in our opinion, the most exciting addition to the Shopify app store is Tradeswell’s new public app — officially available today. 

Introducing Tradeswell’s Public Shopify App  

We’re expanding access to our industry-leading, real-time ecommerce intelligence for Shopify-first sellers with our new Shopify app. 

Tradeswell Shopify App

Tradeswell’s public Shopify app makes onboarding and integration into our platform seamless for both existing Tradeswell customers who are expanding to Shopify and Shopify sellers new to the Tradeswell platform. 

How to Get Started

Haven't integrated Shopify data yet? We've made it easier. From within your Channel Management settings, just click a button to authorize the integration — no need for a custom app installation on your store. 

Connect Shopify in Tradeswell

For existing customers with Shopify data already integrated into their account, a few quick steps are required to transition to our new public app.

Don’t worry — these will take under 10 minutes to complete.

  1. Visit the new Tradeswell app in Shopify’s App Store.
  2. Click Add App to begin the installation. (As an existing customer, you won't be charged anything.)
  3. You’ll be asked to authorize the app permissions. Click Install App.
  4. You’ll then be redirected to a signup page. From there, you’ll see “Already a member? Log In.
  5. Click Log In to add your store and return to your Tradeswell dashboard.

Once you install the public app, our team will remove your custom app integration to complete the process.

Faster Onboarding, Immediate Access to Data

Immediate authorization means that all data from Shopify will flow into Tradeswell faster. You’ll see Shopify data within your Tradeswell dashboard in minutes, instead of days.

If you’re thinking of expanding to Shopify, now is the perfect time — with onboarding a breeze and the industry’s most robust multichannel intelligence at your fingertips. 

Check out the Tradeswell app on Product Hunt. 

PS: If you find value from our new Shopify app, please rate, review, and share. Your feedback helps sellers everywhere discover the power of Tradeswell. 

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