Product Catalog Automation Lets AI Map Your SKUs

One of the biggest hurdles for ecommerce retailers today? Keeping your product catalog up-to-date and reliable across all your sales channels.

We’ve seen firsthand the spreadsheet chaos that ensues. Even dedicated PIM tools can be unwieldy for managing complex, multi-channel catalogs that require real-time adjustments.

Now, imagine the time you’d save if all that work was taken off your plate.

Introducing Tradeswell’s Product Catalog

Leveraging your channel data and our proprietary AI, we automatically build, map, and manage your product catalog, surfacing issues like incomplete data, data duplicates, or missing landed costs in real-time—so you can resolve them.

Product Catalog Automation

Tradeswell product catalog

How It Works

  1. Authorize Tradeswell to connect with your ecommerce channels and import your data.

  2. Automation begins building your product catalog based on your API channel integrations.

  3. Our AI attempts to identify and map the same SKU across all channels by its data.

  4. If we’re unsure of a match, we’ll create two unique products and you can manually map as needed.

  5. After a match is identified, review and confirm the landed cost for your mapped product.

  6. If we’re missing landed costs data, we’ll estimate a cost of 30% of retail price.

  7. Our automation will continue in the background to help identify and map new channels or products you introduce.

  8. At any time, you and your team can make updates to your product catalog. 

Get Direct Access to Your Data

We’re giving you control of your data—and putting it to work for you. At any time, your team can access the product catalog, manually map and update products across channels, and make changes and corrections on a self-serve basis.

Ensure your financial reporting is accurate by documenting landed costs by product and channel. Don’t have your landed costs data at the ready? We’ll apply a default if none is specified. 

Powerful Automation Saves You Time

Not only can you manually edit the product catalog and your data, but Tradeswell also keeps entries current using your incoming channel data to surface new products to match or add to the catalog. 

Behind the scenes, our AI leverages your product catalog data to generate insights about price, content, cost, and more—giving you real-time, SKU-level performance reporting to make better decisions, faster. 

The only question that remains is how will you reinvest that time saved into scaling your business? 

Log into your Tradeswell account to get started. 

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