Optimize Your Snapchat Ads Spend and Boost Results with Tradeswell

Ever wish you could compare spend and performance across all your marketing channels and know at a glance what’s delivering results?

Tradeswell makes it easy. 

Earlier this month, we launched our TikTok integration — adding to an already robust marketing stack that includes Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Klaviyo, Target Advertising, and Amazon Advertising. 

Today, we’re excited to announce support for Snapchat Ads, too. 

Why Snapchat Ads?

For low cost and broad reach, nothing beats social. 

And Snapchat is one of the most popular social platforms out there. 

Snapchat sees more than 300 million daily users and reaches 75% of the Millennial and Gen Z demographics — who today hold significant purchasing power. 

Snapchat Ads offers a low cost option to reach your audience for as little as $5 per day. Ads on Snapchat can be targeted based on audience interests, behavior, and location.

For that reason, growing ecommerce brands are turning to Snapchat to reach new customers and engage existing audiences. 

Automated Intelligence to Optimize Snapchat Ads

The rules of social media marketing change daily. 

What works with your audience today might not tomorrow. That’s why it’s essential to experiment with new strategies, test the results, and refine. 

  • Are your Snapchat Ads reaching and engaging your audience? 
  • How does Snapchat measure up against your other marketing channels? 
  • Which demographics are most represented in your Snapchat audience? 
  • What’s your spend on Snapchat Ads and what’s the return? 

These are all questions you can answer with Tradeswell. 

Measure reach, engagement, engagement rate, spend, and cost per engagement for Snapchat Ads and your other key marketing channels over any time period you choose.

Marketing Channels — Snapchat Ads

Understand which demographics are served your ads on Snapchat and if that audience breakdown differs by channel. That way, you can ensure your content is tailored to each one.

Marketing Audience Breakdown 2

Get automated campaign rankings to see which ads had the largest increases and decreases in performance on Snapchat.  

Biggest Movers - Hot Takes

And measure the profitability of Snapchat Ads to prove ROI or rebalance marketing budgets to the channels that perform best.

Single Marketing Channel ROAS

Getting Started with Tradeswell

Brands get the most power from our operating system when they add multiple integrations. So we made channel setup a breeze.

Authenticate your Snapchat business account with Tradeswell during onboarding or at any time in your channel management settings.

Have more than one Snapchat account?

No problem — all Snapchat business accounts for your brand will be loaded once the integration is live.

Snapchat Ads data takes 1-3 days to load. After that, you’ll see data from two years back as well as daily updates. 

Get started today in your Channel Management settings. 

New to Tradeswell? Try our operating system for 30 days free. 

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