Monitor Inventory Health for Walmart Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment — it’s a touchy subject in ecommerce these days.

With supply chain disruptions and global shortages, ecommerce logistics have gotten increasingly complex. As a result, many brands are looking for ways to outsource fulfillment to the experts. 

But moving logistics out-of-house means tracking that data in yet another vendor portal or downloading it to a spreadsheet for manual calculation. 

Unless you have an ecommerce operating system like Tradeswell. 

Adding to our already robust Integrations, we’re excited to announce the availability of Walmart Fulfillment Services data in our platform. 

Walmart Fulfillment: Supply Chain as a Service

In 2020, Walmart introduced its Fulfillment Services program to make distribution easier for online sellers. Seller participation grew 500% in 2021 alone. 

Leveraging Walmart’s expertise as one of the world’s largest supply chains, the Fulfillment Services program provides inventory storage, pick and pack, customer shipping, and return management services for brands selling on Walmart’s online marketplace. 

By tapping into Walmart’s network, vendors take supply chain management off their plates. That means products can reach customers more quickly with Walmart’s two-day shipping options and its massive distribution network. 

Inventory Insights from Tradeswell 

Now, Tradeswell customers can view Walmart Fulfillment Services data in their dashboard to proactively monitor their inventory health. 

Explore which products had the largest change in unit volume movement over the past week and get quick stats on your weeks of fulfillable inventory to ensure Walmart has the right supply on hand.

WFS Inventory MovementTrack inbound inventory levels for products on route to Walmart’s warehouses to manage your mix.

Get a holistic view of logistics by comparing inventory health metrics between channels like Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

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Plus, at the SKU-level, easily understand unit sales and key inventory metrics to know whether action is required for individual products or entire logistics channels.  

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Getting Started with Walmart Fulfillment Services

Thinking of joining Walmart’s fulfillment network? Now is a great time. Walmart is offering extended introductory pricing to join before June 30th.

Faster shipping options help brands attract more customers, increase conversion rates, and improve their Buy Box placements and rankings on Walmart’s marketplace. 

With Tradeswell, brands get complete visibility to better manage inventory across channels and compare performance side-by-side from one single source of truth. 

Setting Up Your Integration

As always, adding Walmart Fulfillment Services as a channel is a breeze. Self-service the integration right from your Channel Management settings. 

Add your Walmart Seller ID to Tradeswell and select Tradeswell from Walmart’s Solution Provider list in the Developer Portal.

Once integrated, Walmart Fulfillment Services data is updated daily with daily granularity.

We just made logistics a whole lot easier. 

Sign into Tradeswell to set up a Walmart Fulfillment Services integration. 

Not using Tradeswell yet? Start your 30-day free trial today. 

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