Make Multichannel Marketing More Impactful with New Channel Insights

Ecommerce marketers — you’ve had your work cut out for you in recent years. 

Changing platform algorithms, new iOS tracking restrictions, and rising customer acquisition costs have turned the already difficult job of measuring — and improving — channel performance into a full-time effort. 

We’d like to take that work off your plate. 

With our newly launched Marketing Channels page, Tradeswell’s automated insights free you up to focus on what you do best: testing new ways to reach and engage your audiences. 

See Marketing Channel Performance Visualized

Instead of spreadsheets or siloed dashboards with single-channel data, get the complete picture of marketing performance across channels — and drill down into each. 

Tradeswell integrates with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Klaviyo to give you a single source of truth. 

(PS: TikTok and Snap are coming soon!)

Consistent with your experience across Tradeswell’s dashboards, Marketing Channels starts off with billboard insights that direct your attention to your key month-to-date changes in channel performance compared to the prior month-to-date.   

Marketing Channels Billboard Insights

Understand channel performance at a glance and drill into each to identify which marketing efforts are driving your business. 

Consult your most important metrics — reach, engagement, spend, and more — and compare over time to get the exact data you need. 

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Curious about a single channel’s contribution? Click into each card for additional visualizations across your top-level performance metrics. 

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Visualize a scannable time-series of your marketing performance in aggregate and by channel. 

Filter to the metrics and time periods that matter to you.

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Compare Campaign Effectiveness Across Demographics

Top of mind for most marketers today is understanding your audience.

Which demographics are you reaching and on what channels? How does engagement vary by age and gender? And how much are you spending to connect with each audience?

With Marketing Channels, we’re introducing an Audience Breakdown visualization that lets you compare reach, engagement, and spend by age and gender.

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Filter to a custom time period and even down to an individual channel to get granular.

Measure the impact of your marketing efforts across different demographics and know what’s working with which group. 

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For example, maybe you ran a Facebook Ads campaign for two weeks attempting to reach the 18-24 demographic. In a few clicks, understand if it was successful. 

Or visualize who your most engaged demographic was over the past month — then strategize to keep that audience engaged.

Invest in What’s Working and Correct What’s Not

The Bulls & Bears visualization is one of the most popular modules you’ll find across dashboards in the Tradeswell platform — so we’ve brought these insights to Marketing Channels too. 

See which campaigns experienced the largest increase and decrease across a variety of metrics to identify your top and bottom performing campaigns over any time period. 

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Know which campaigns to dig into more to uncover repeatable strategies for success. For those campaigns that aren’t working, explore why and experiment with new ideas. 

We’ll always give you the insights you need to test, refine, and succeed — on every channel.

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