Identify Your Product’s Buy Box Win Rate in Tradeswell

In a world where shoppers want to buy something in as few clicks as possible, the one-click buy or add to cart button is essential. When you win the Buy Box, you can offer a frictionless path to purchase—ultimately resulting in more transactions for your product.

According to Forbes, 83% of sales go to the company in the Buy Box.

The Buy Box is the real estate on the product listing page on Amazon or Walmart where shoppers can add a product to their cart or “buy now.” Thanks to the numerous marketplace sellers competing to get their products in front of shoppers, not every Amazon and Walmart seller wins the coveted Buy Box. 

Those that don’t win the Buy Box end up in the “Other Amazon Sellers” on Amazon or the “More Seller Options” on Walmart. On both marketplaces, these sections are much further down the product listing page and often below the fold.

Amazon Buy Box Example

Walmart Buy Box Example


Access Buy Box Data Directly in Your Tradeswell Dashboard

Where to find buy box data in TW platform

Buy Box data provides you with critical information about your products’ competitiveness within the Amazon and Walmart marketplaces. All users with Retail Viewer permissions have access to Buy Box data, which is in the Sales Detail table on the Retail Overview page.

How to Interpret Buy Box Data

Tradeswell provides Buy Box data from both Walmart and Amazon, but each marketplace provides the data in a different format and with different frequencies.

Walmart Buy Box Data

Walmart provides Buy Box data on a daily basis, and reports product level data as 100% (the product won the Buy Box) or 0% (the product did not win the Buy Box). If no data is available for the day, you’ll see a “-” in the table. You also have the option to select a date range for the table, which will present your average Walmart Buy Box win rate for that time period.

buy box data walmart

Amazon Buy Box Data

Amazon Buy Box data is also available on a daily basis, but the most recent data Amazon provides is today minus two days. Unlike Walmart, Amazon provides an exact win rate for any given day with page views. When you view Amazon Buy Box data for a date range, the win rate percentage is calculated as a weighted average that factors in page views.

buy box data amazon

How to Use Buy Box Data

By identifying products with a low Buy Box win rate, you can optimize your product listing based on the criteria that the Amazon and Walmart algorithms use to select Buy Box winners. The higher your Buy Box win rate, the more sales you can drive.

For a seller to be eligible for the Buy Box, they must meet a set of requirements, including criteria relating to pricing, inventory availability, order defect rate, customer shopping experience, time and experience on the Amazon or Walmart platform, seller status, and more.

What Next Steps Do I Need to Take?

Walmart Buy Box data is now available to all Tradeswell customers connected to the Walmart marketplace. Amazon does not provide Buy Box data through their API, so you’ll need to import your Buy Box data directly into the Tradeswell platform. Data import requires additional Tradeswell user permissions, which you can manage through Teams in the Settings section of the platform.

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