Cohort Analysis, Media Consumption Trends, Retail Channel Metrics… Oh My!

If you’re selling on more than one channel — or planning to in the future — making sense of all that data is time-consuming.

To keep the complexity under control, our Retail dashboards are some of the most popular modules in our platform for brands managing multichannel data.

With our newly launched Retail Channels page, we’re making your data even more powerful with new metrics and actionable insights surfaced from your existing retail integrations.

Read on to learn more about our Retail Channels page and the intelligence within.

Visualize Channel Performance Across New Metrics   

Start with billboard insights at the top of the page.

Like every dashboard Tradeswell presents, you’ll first see automated intelligence that tells you at a glance what’s changed in your business over the past week — and where your attention is needed.

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You’ll never need to manually pull data to compare channels side-by-side. 

Get a single view of aggregate and per-channel retail performance, with visibility into key metrics across sales, revenue, orders, and customers. 

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Retail Channels offers new ways to segment your customers. Filter by all, new, or repeat customers to see which types of buyers are driving your business.  

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At a glance, understand total and per-channel performance. Compare cumulative metrics like total customers and orders across channels to plan your next move. 

With Retail Channel Metrics cards, measure channel performance across a variety of data points and drill down for a more granular view.

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Click into each card to explore more data, including time-series visualizations of channel performance.  

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Analyze Trends in Your Cohorts — By Channel

One of the most powerful features our customers have found in our Retail Channels page is Cohort Analysis. 

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In one view, compare LTV across groups of customer cohorts in aggregate and  by channel. Before now, visualizing cohort breakdowns at the channel-level was no easy task for brands.

Filter your view to compare metrics about orders, revenue, and retention by cohort and channel, month-over-month.

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If you run channel-specific strategies like product bundling or promotion, the ability to compare cohorts between channels is critical. 

Are customers dropping off after a certain month? Did a strategy you try in one month show strong results?

See where to experiment and invest next based on what’s really working.  

Know Where Your Customers Spend Their Time

One thing all brands today have in common?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach customers. With rising ad costs and diminishing returns, it’s essential to know which channels your customers are active on — and meet them there. 

Within Retail Channels, we’re introducing a new third-party data source that visualizes your customers’ media consumption habits over the last 90 days. 

Then you can create a strategy to optimize your presence on those platforms.

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Media trends are tailored to your demographics and based on data from your purchasing customers, weighted by their number of orders. 

As long as we have access to your order and customer data — which varies depending on the channel you sell on — we can provide this automated intelligence every 90 days.

Get Ahead with an Ecommerce Operating System

These innovations are just the beginning. 

Expect much more to come on our Retail Channels page — and beyond — as we continue to build the best ecommerce operating system around. 

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