Christmas in July? Create a Custom Goal

The season of summertime promotions is here. 

Amazon’s annual Prime Day — dubbed Christmas in July — is fast approaching. 

This year, Walmart is getting in on the action too with its own subscription savings event, Walmart+ Weekend.

Promotional Events Take Prep 

Both Amazon Prime Day and Walmart+ Weekend boast significant savings for consumers and the chance for brands to increase sales on each marketplace. 

But these events can mean extra work and difficulty measuring return for your brand — especially if you’re participating in both promotions or advertising for the event across multiple channels.

We can help. 

Track Your Progress With Custom Goals

Say you participated in Prime Day last year. 

Do you have visibility into what worked and what didn’t? Have you set a target for this year’s results?

Back in March, we introduced the ability to set, track, and manage company and channel-level goals in Tradeswell.

Manage Goals

Now, we’ve added the option to designate custom timeframes for your goals — such as for these short-term promotional events. 

Creating a Goal

Select 'Custom' as the time horizon and input the start and end dates for your goal to ensure you’re measuring results only during the promotional event period. 

Create goals unique to a specific channel — like Amazon or Walmart. 

Participating in Prime Day and Walmart+ Weekend? Set goals for each and compare performance across promotions easily. 

Measure goal progress in sales dollars or sales units, depending on which metric you’re hoping to optimize. 

All about revenue? Choose sales dollars. Interested in volume? Choose units.

Your Best Prime Day Yet

Prepping for promotional events like Prime Day and Walmart+ Weekend is complicated enough without worrying about manually tracking your KPIs.

Once you set a goal in Tradeswell, you'll see automated progress tracking in your dedicated goal management page and on your homepage. 

Then post-event, you'll have all the data you need to debrief with your teams about what worked — at the SKU-level.

Exceed your goals and have your best Prime Day yet with Tradeswell.

Haven't set a goal in Tradeswell before? Learn more about goal management here

New to Tradeswell but need data fast?

Start your free trial and set up an account in minutes — just in time for Prime Day.

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