Tradeswell launches The Current, the digital home base for ecommerce news

Today, Tradeswell announced the launch of a proprietary news website, The Current, a media platform to provide up-to-date news and information that ecommerce professionals need to be successful operators in the dynamic real time commerce landscape.

“The economics of ecommerce are constantly shifting,” remarked Paul Palmieri, Tradeswell’s co-founder and CEO. “Often the conversations about these changes are happening between individuals as they speak one-on-one, or in the transactions between sellers and marketplaces. It’s time to bring these conversations out in the open, and provide a central resource to find where they are happening,” he said.

The Current is composed of original content from Tradeswell’s in-house experts and partners that breaks down the business of ecommerce and provides unique insights and commentary on the fast-changing industry. 

Editor-in-Chief Stephen Babcock, formerly of the news organization, is also curating meaningful content from across the ecommerce landscape as well as the consumer packaged goods sector. The Current will publish daily and weekly segmented newsletters to reach readers in their inbox, in addition to distribution of content through social channels.

More on what readers can expect:

  • Insights for job performance. Trends, analysis and strategies about the forces shaping the business of ecommerce, explaining what often-used and trending concepts mean and a look at the tactics propelling leaders to the forefront of commerce.
  • Industry news. A comprehensive look at news from the consumer categories where ecommerce is reshaping retail (e.g., food and drink, toys, fashion) to macro perspectives on the economic forces shaping those industries. 
  • Data-powered insights. With unique data from Tradeswell and other trusted sources, The Current will explore the dynamics shaping retail.
  • A look at the latest events and professional development opportunities in ecommerce. Making connections that will level up readers’ businesses and careers.

“The Current is the place to stay up-to-date on all of the latest in the industry where you sell goods, and make the connections to help you thrive in ecommerce,” said Editor-in-Chief Stephen Babcock. “And this media platform will be shaped by the readers. It’s a time of major change in the ecommerce landscape, from post-pandemic behavioral shifts to the influx of retail media opportunities, and The Current’s mission is to provide the news that you need to navigate that change.” 

In its next phase, The Current’s content will include Tradeswell’s proprietary data, providing insights that cannot be found anywhere else. Clients that are logged in will be able to get a personalized view into their own ecommerce data and that of their particular industry. In this way, they can see connections embedded within first-party data and explore further to get a look at how they fit into the context of the wider market. The Current will be the destination for ecommerce professionals to visit throughout the day to discover the dynamics shaping their own business, as well as the industry at large. 

About Tradeswell

Tradeswell is the leading operating system that empowers ecommerce brands to succeed in the real time commerce economy. By connecting and unifying business critical data from digital sales, marketing, finance and logistics channels into one cohesive and automated system, Tradeswell provides a single source of truth on the data and insights needed for better, faster decisions that fuel growth.

About the Editor

Stephen Babcock is the editor of The Current powered by Tradeswell. Previously, he spent seven years as an editor and reporter for, a news organization that serves a community of tech professionals with a focus in the mid-Atlantic. A graduate of Northeastern University, he has reported for a variety of digital and print publications, including The New York Times, Times-Picayune and Baltimore Fishbowl. Reach him at

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