Connect any data
sources in minutes

Bring your own marketing, retail, and inventory channel data - like niche retail channels, in-store sales, OOH promotions, and more - to make sure no channel is left un-measured and no insight is left un-exposed.

Marketing Retail Operations channel integrations to connect on Tradeswell

Add or retire channels in just a few clicks

Never let the lack of an API stop you. Now you can bring your own data into the platform.

retail  Retail

Include sales and revenue data from category-specific retail channels to discover new customer and sales opportunities.

A gourmet brand leverages BYOD to pull in orders from online restaurant supply stores to uncover new wholesale opportunities.

marketing  Marketing

Include additional marketing channels into models to better control for offline advertising. 

A consumer technology brand ingests connected TV campaigns to determine if there is synergy with retail media spend.

operations  Inventory

See the true status of your operations with weekly and daily granularity for your fulfillment data.

A specialty footwear company tracks inventory movement in a new distribution partnership to see the effect of footfall.

More ways to ingest your data

Data wrangling doesn’t have to tie you in knots. Tradeswell provides flexible paths to data ingestion to reduce your level of effort.

Directly via API

Directly via API

In under three clicks, integrate with over 20 retail, marketing, and inventory APIs on-demand.

Automated File Attachements

Automated Email File Attachments

Set up automated emails to a secure alias and Tradeswell’s system can monitor and scrape for any CSV for upload.

Recurring File Drops

Recurring File Drops

Tradeswell can help your brand set up a recurring file drop to an SFTP or S3 bucket for automatic sweeps and uploads.

Direct File Uploads

Direct File Uploads

Included in every subscription, Tradeswell’s BYOD interface allows brands to upload any data they want at any time.

Access your data

Access your data at any time

Export the normalized data whenever you or your brands need it via our data downloads and reports. Speak with our solutions team to find out how we can simplify your data aggregation and unlock true incremental growth.

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