Tradeswell helps DTC pet care brand chase the pack

The Tradeswell AI helped this company find the right mix of ad spend and promotional strategy targeted in the right way to create top line growth.

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YOY top-line revenue growth


YOY net-margin growth


YOY customer-acquisition growth

The objective

To rapidly increase top-line sales and increase market share.

The context

The pet supplies market is $95 billion annually. However, over 70% of ecommerce revenue is controlled by one company and tapping into this market as an upstart brand is expensive, so every dollar needs to count.

The approach & insights

While a successful online advertising strategy is to target non-branded category search queries, this can be expensive. The Tradeswell algorithms showed that consistent advertising investment for these search terms actually drives efficiencies in Cost Per Click (CPC), demand and conversion, and organic search. The right ad spend and promotional strategy targeted in the right way thereby creates a virtuous circle for top-line growth.

The result

The Tradeswell platform recommended a strategy to target new customer acquisition via sponsored products advertising. The platform then executed the strategy while optimizing it with clear, data science-derived actions acted on in real-time.

The approach smashed the client’s expectations with:

126% YOY top-line revenue growth
3X YOY net-margin growth
90% YOY customer-acquisition growth

By leveraging the Tradeswell platform, our client saw significant growth in the lucrative pet care market.

What’s next

By continuing to utilize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metrics in an omnichannel approach on the Tradeswell platform, the brand is enabled to plan a long-term customer acquisition and retention strategy for sustainable growth.

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