Skin care brand captures untapped demand with Tradeswell’s market intelligence solution

The global skin care market, estimated at over $128 billion, continues to grow as the demand for face and body products benefit from increased ecommerce sales in this category.

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Increase in Glance Views


Increase in Sales

Consumers of all demographics, but especially younger consumers, are turning to social media, online shopping, in-store pickup, and on-demand delivery to purchase their skincare products - for both replenishing their favorite products as well as trying new ones.

Looking to optimize their search ranking on Amazon, a skincare brand working with Tradeswell utilized the market intelligence solution within our platform. This feature provides brands with category analysis and consumer search trends resulting in an immediate output of:

  • Share of voice
  • Identification of leading AI-optimized keywords
  • Category trends to drive product innovation

As a result of this information and analysis from the Tradeswell market intelligence solution, the skincare brand updated their product’s title, detail pages, and description copy in order to optimize the inclusion of top keywords and search terms, ultimately capturing untapped demand.

The results:

The new, optimized product title now includes ten out of the top ten search keywords in their category, which drove a 42% increase in glance views, as well as a 40% increase in sales since the new title was implemented.

The Tradeswell market intelligence solution enables customers to be better positioned to gain market share in a hyper-competitive ecommerce landscape. To learn more how this feature can help your brand gain a competitive advantage in digital marketplaces, connect with our team.

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