Tired of stitching together Amazon reporting?

Consolidate your Seller Central, Vendor Central, and Amazon Advertising data into one place.

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Automate your Amazon reporting

Automatically manage, collect, and normalize Vendor Central, Seller Central, and Amazon Advertising data, and make it available to you in our flexible UI so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

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Find growth within your Amazon channel

Data wrangling doesn’t have to tie you in knots. Tradeswell provides flexible paths to data ingestion to reduce your level of effort.

Don't cannibalize your campaigns

Platform native Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Product ad-attributed sales and ROAS reporting can cause over-investment. Uncover the causal connection between your investments and your sales and suggests optimizations to maximize the impact of your spend by campaign and tactic.

Win the Buy Box

Keep an eye on inventory levels to maintain your control over the Buy Box. Track weeks of available, reserved, incoming, and inbound inventory on a rolling basis so you're never left in the dark for vendor negotiations.

Track ASIN-level costs and margin impact

Get complete transparency into selling costs (storage fees, fulfillment costs, inbound fulfillment costs) that provides ASIN-level visibility into which products are driving profitable growth for your business.

Access your data

Access your data at any time

Export normalized Amazon data whenever you need it via our data downloads and reports and add tagging capabilities that allow you to segment your data in new ways - above and. beyond Amazon's native reporting. 

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Decision-making support from retail media experts

We bring together a talented team of data scientists, technologists, and marketing practitioners to make sure we can get the necessary data to refine your model and integrate results into your workflow and decision-making process.

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Amazon is just the beginning...

Connect all of your marketing, inventory, and retail channels to get an omnichannel view of your business.

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