Our company was born of amidst the realization of a “Stagnovation” Moment.

In 2019 a collective of 5 co-founders, with decades of experience from CPG, ecommerce, technology platforms, and AdTech saw an opportunity to solve a problem that could transform ecommerce for brands.

Stagnovation is a word we began to use in 2019 to describe an ecommerce ecosystem where sub optimizing was nakedly rampant. Vendor and consulting pricing structures, misaligned incentives, hoarding of knowledge (black boxes) were all features of this challenging situation. An industry seemingly ripe for innovative brands and consumer delight was actually set up to fail for brands, but to succeed for nearly everyone else. Consumers initially saw lower prices while the bloat of a hidden industry quietly delayed new product innovation. During this time some DTC runaway success was apparent, but even those companies struggled with new channels, economies of scale, and financing.

Haley Ulloa led the instigation of a collaborative project seeking to apply a solution that had not existed in ecommerce using some of the experience from ad tech and CPG. The project got immediate attention, traction, validation, and early investment from Paul and others. The five of us began to meet in earnest to discuss the strategy and to build. We saw a better future for both traditional brands and DTC companies that included the speed and computing power of AI. We ultimately realized the category-defining value of not being conflicted (pushing greater ad spend, pushing logistics revenue friendly multipacks, pushing specific marketplaces), when applying this type of technology for brands should make our opportunity to have an impact much bigger.

In June of this year, we raised a 3.3M Series Seed Investment led by SignalFire, with participation from Grit Capital and Construct Capital.

The co-founder group includes

Paul Palmieri, a unicorn founder CEO through IPO technology entrepreneur setting aside a full-time VC career to lead the group

Haley Ulloa, An entrepreneur and our President who brings a magical blend of ecommerce and adtech success to the group

Geoff Kenawell, An innovator for e-commerce who led online sales and marketing for Stanley Black & Decker, and served as a hands-on operational advisor for the largest CPG companies.

Ron Puggi, a CPG and ecommerce trailblazer who began a distinguished career at PepsiCo before launching and leading the eCommerce channel for McCormick and Company.

Jesse Leikin, a product platform expert whose platforms are used today by over 75,000 developers in the analytics and advertising technology space.

We are telling our story now through the lens of the challenges we see, and soon we will tell it through the platform we deliver.