Uncover incremental growth with predictive analytics for retail media 

Predictive analytics and automation help you surface and capture true incremental cross-channel growth.

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Meet your predictive platform for cross-channel incremental growth

Campaign Performance

Goal-Based Media

Channel Mix

Optimize your campaigns to make every dollar count

Don’t cannibalize yourself - 30% of retail media spending doesn’t generate a positive ROI. Tradeswell AI reviews campaign performance each week - controlling for external factors like seasonality and promotions - and provides recommendations on how to shift campaign budgets to maximize incremental sales.

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Allocation with back
Goals with Back-1

Set goal-based advertising budgets

Stop guessing how much you need to spend on advertising to hit your channel sales target. Machine learning models forecast baseline sales and layer in simulated advertising budget scenarios to determine how much you need to invest in order to hit your sales target while staying profitable.

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Navigate channel mix in real-time

Walled gardens and privacy headwinds make it difficult to track marketing performance across platforms and accurately credit how much each is driving sales to your digital storefronts. Tradeswell’s privacy-safe solution establishes a causal connection between your media investments and sales across channels with channel budget recommendations and full-funnel tracking based on your marketing objective.

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Budget Optimization with back-1
Product Catalog with back-1

Drive product-level growth to unlock opportunities in your assortment

Prioritize the products and assortment that support your growth goals. Tradeswell helps identify which products have the net margin, velocity, and inventory profile needed to get there while making recommendations to remove inefficiencies in your assortment that takes into account all the platforms you sell on - 1P retailers, 3P marketplaces, and DTC channels.

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Powered by normalized and neutrally reported data

Tradeswell is built a neutral reporting mission and enterprise data hub that offers brands access to cleansed, classified, and normalized reporting that isn’t obfuscated or overstated.

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Neutrality Data Ownership and Transparency

Join 300+ teams unlockings incremental growth

"I start and end my day in Tradeswell because it’s the single source of truth for our business. Tradeswell helps us set revenue and profitability goals—and exceed them."

Nick Warren - Made By Nacho

Nick Salisbury
President of Digital & Ecommerce
Made By Nacho


"Tradeswell integrates with all our retail, marketing, and operations channels and helps us win on each. We get a unified view across the business that will enable us to expand to new channels profitably."

Kamela Warren - Emerson Group

Kamela Warren
Ecommerce Team Account Executive
Emerson Group

"Before Tradeswell, I had no way to normalize all my SKUs across all my channels. Tradeswell automatically maps our products across all retail, marketing, and operations channels. Every team has the data they need to make better decisions."

John Oja - Kodiak Cakes

John Oja
Senior Ecommerce Manager
Kodiak Cakes

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