Marketing Measurement and Retail Optimization

Understand the incremental impact of marketing investments on your goals. Automate data collection and insight discovery to make decisions in time for them to matter.

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Optimize towards metrics that drive growth - not vanity

Ad-attributed sales and ROAS don’t measure the true incremental impact of your advertising efforts - they overstate performance and take credit for sales that would already happen by not controlling for cross-platform exposure, seasonality, and other macroeconomic factors which contribute to purchase decisions.

Go beyond vanity metrics with incremental sales and lift measurements across all your media channels that control for these factors so you can make every dollar count.

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"I start and end my day in Tradeswell because it’s the single source of truth for our business. Tradeswell helps us set revenue and profitability goals—and exceed them."
Nick Salisbury - Made By Nacho VP Digital and Ecommerce
Nick Salisbury @ Made By Nacho Vice President of Digital & Ecommerce
Sales Decomposition Breakdown with Amazon Tik Tok Instagram and Youtube by Tradeswell
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Get granular insights in time for them to matter

Tradeswell's integrations automate data collection across 1P, 3P, and DTC storefronts and digital marketing channels unifying your sales, inventory, finance, and marketing data in one place.

With access to the most up-to-date data at multiple granularities, you get the optimization recommendations you need when they matter most.

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"Tradeswell integrates with all our retail, marketing, and operations channels and helps us win on each. We get a unified view across the business that will enable us to expand to new channels profitably."
Kamela Warren - Emerson Group
Kamela Warren @ Emerson Group Ecommerce Team Account Executive

Own your commerce data

With every platform providing its own attribution metrics, double counting and gaps in reporting are common. Collecting and normalizing reporting across all of them can be painful manual work.

Tradeswell automates the manual work of collecting, cleansing, and normalizing your data so your team can focus on higher-value actions. Tradeswell’s Enterprise Data Hub provides access to all the fully normalized data we collect in a format that easily ingests into your data lake or BI tools.

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"Before Tradeswell, I had no way to normalize all my SKUs across all my channels. Tradeswell automatically maps our products across all retail, marketing, and operations channels. Every team has the data they need to make better decisions."
John Oja - Kodiak Cakes-100x100
John Oja @ Kodiak Cakes Senior Ecommerce Manager
Marketing and retail media channel metrics in one platform Tradeswell

Join 300+ teams unlocking incremental growth

See how brands are using Tradeswell today

Beyond measuring past performance, the Tradeswell platform can predict future growth and help guide you toward the optimal allocation of your marketing dollars across channels and campaigns.

See how brands are using Tradeswell’s Media Intelligence and Enterprise Data Hub to answer their most burning questions like:

  • What are my predicted baseline sales without any advertising spend?
  • Are investments in new media channels driving incremental sales?
  • Given our current advertising budget, will we hit our sales targets?


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