Eliminate ecommerce data chaos. Act fast with AI.

Tradeswell transforms multichannel ecommerce data into visual insights — then applies AI to recommend the optimal actions for your brand's growth.

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Join the 500+ brands analyzing over $1 billion in annual sales with Tradeswell.

Visualize ecommerce performance. Grow with automated intelligence. 

Retire your spreadsheets

Tradeswell replaces manual calculations with interactive visualizations for at-a-glance insights into your ecommerce performance.

We'll onboard all your data in just a few hours. Then our ecommerce operating system does the work for you — automatically calculating key metrics from across your retail, marketing, inventory, and financial sources.

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Tie decisions to dollar impacts

Ecommerce data complexity can make teams feel like they're operating in the dark. By unifying all your business critical data sources at the SKU-level, Tradeswell helps teams uncover profit drivers down to a single product. 

Tie every decision you make — from the channels you sell on, to the marketing campaigns you run, to the inventory you hold — back to its dollar impact on your business. 

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Move faster than the market

The only constant in ecommerce is change. To keep up, brands need to be experimental — not reactive. Tradeswell doesn't just present data. We show you where your attention is most needed in your business, so you can act fast.

Our AI continuously analyzes your performance and the goals you've set to surface recommendations in real time. Invest in the strategies that are working today, pivot from those that aren't, and plan your next steps strategically. 

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An operating system just for ecommerce. 

If you're selling and advertising across multiple channels — or thinking about expanding — Tradeswell is for you. 

You'll never need to download a data file or manually calculate a metric again. Our platform automatically collects and standardizes your retail, marketing, inventory, and financial data into a single source of truth— saving you significant time.

Then, machine learning surfaces actionable insights that reveal opportunities to experiment and grow. With all that time saved, and automated intelligence, your teams can make more strategic decisions, faster.

That's why our customers call Tradeswell their ecommerce operating system.


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The ecommerce market moves fast. Tradeswell moves faster. Learn how real-time intelligence can power multichannel growth for your brand.

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