Make better, faster decisions with your commerce data. 

Tradeswell surfaces actionable insights from your retail, marketing, and logistics data so your team can move quick and better impact profitability. 

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Welcome to the new era of
decision-driven commerce

Data is slowing down your team – and profits

On average, data teams lose 20+ hours a week collecting and cleaning data from disparate sources.

Tradeswell automates these tedious processes so your team can focus on action instead of inertia.

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"I start and end my day in Tradeswell because it’s the single source of truth for our business. Tradeswell helps us set revenue and profitability goals—and exceed them."
Nick Salisbury - Made By Nacho-1
Nick Salisbury @ Made By Nacho Vice President of Digital & Ecommerce
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Industry leaders are proactive – not reactive

To stay ahead of the market, your team needs the ability to experiment and optimize fast. 

Tradeswell enables that speed with artificial intelligence that converts your disparate commerce data into easy-to-understand insights.

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"Tradeswell integrates with all our retail, marketing, and operations channels and helps us win on each. We get a unified view across the business that will enable us to expand to new channels profitably."
Kamela Warren - Emerson Group
Kamela Warren @ Emerson Group Ecommerce Team Account Executive

Collaboration across tools and teams is critical

High-performing commerce teams share one common trait – alignment across every department.  

From retail and marketing to logistics and finance, Tradeswell provides a single source of truth for collaboration. 

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"Before Tradeswell, I had no way to normalize all my SKUs across all my channels. Tradeswell automatically maps our products across all retail, marketing, and operations channels. Every team has the data they need to make better decisions."
John Oja - Kodiak Cakes-100x100
John Oja @ Kodiak Cakes Senior Ecommerce Manager

Data infrastructure that brings science to commerce

Data drives decisions.

Marketplaces. CDPs. Ad platforms. Email lists. Retail media.

Commerce leaders have access to more data than ever, from a growing number of sources. But making that data useful requires time, money and effort.

And even then, 63% of executives say their data initiatives produce disappointing results.

Becoming data-first is a significant investment.
It shouldn’t be a risk.

We believe every decision-maker should be data-informed.

That's why we built Tradeswell, a bring-your-own-data infrastructure built specifically for commerce.

No more disparate data.
No more spreadsheets.
No more misalignment.

Just better, faster decisions that drive growth.

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We've helped hundreds of teams take better action with data

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